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About Gems

Gemstones have been alphabetically ordered for the purpose of easy reference and an attempt had been made to indicate the general qualities and the meanings of these gemstones and how a laymen in general and occult lovers in particular find them as acceptable and useful. The knowledge about the meaning of the gems, combined with a deeper insight into their actual needs will help to choose the most appropriate gemstone whether in a ring or pendant or an amulet by using the most appropriate metal (white gold, yellow gold, silver or white metal etc.) and to wear it in a most auspicious hour of the day, for specific or general purpose to derive maximum benefit (or money value).

And once a right type of gemstone has been chosen either with or without the consultation of the “Gem Therapist / Occultist / Astrologer / Astro-numerologist” it is sincerely hoped that the wearer will use them not only for ornamentation but for profit, pleasure and happiness of oneself and others.